2017 Michigan Mille XII

The twelfth running of the Michigan Mille took place on June 22-25, 2017. We headed  down to Cleveland, Ohio to enjoy the roads in and around central Ohio. We did our “cloverleaf” design, meaning we spent each night in the same hotel in downtown Cleveland. Our host hotel this year was the Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center.



We departed from the M1 Concourse on Thursday morning June 22, returning Sunday June 25. Highlights this past year other than the wonderful roads in central Ohio included, a visit to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, dinner at the stunning Crawford Auto?Aviation Museum, and stops the Mid-Ohio race track for the Vintage Grand Prix at Mid-Ohio.



 The hotel was Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center.They have a connected, underground parking garage and we were be able to all park together separate from the other guests. The covered roof allowed us to enjoy our “tailgating” activities even in inclement weather conditions.  Our heavily discounted rate was $139.00 per night.




Breakfast will be at the hotel each morning. Lunches were  box lunches. We enjoyed our first dinner at the hotel..Friday evening’s dinner was at the wonderful Crawford Auto/Aviation Museum.




The participation fee will remain the same as the past several years, $150 per participant. The hotel charge and any incidental expenses will be the responsibility of the participants. The meal charge this year will be calculated ahead of time and that amount will be communicated to everyone in advance. In past years we have waited for the event to be completed before advising everyone of the charge. In an effort to provide greater transparency to each participant we will let you know well before the event. For the past few years the meal charge has been running around $350 per participant and we expect no significant deviation from that amount.


 While we are still working on finalizing the routes and we never disclose them ahead of time, rest assured that we have discovered a number of great roads in and around the Cleveland area.  There will be a nice mix of scenic and challenging back roads. As always, we try to avoid any and all interstates to really enjoy the driving experience.



We had a number of sponsors for our event this year, including for the first time a presenting sponsor.





LBI is opening a new store in the Detroit area, expanding from their Philadelphia headquarters. Established in 2009 by Andrew Mastin and Adolfo Massari at just 19 years of age, LBI Limited was created as an extension of a life-long passion for special automobiles. Advising our clients on an enthusiast basis coupled with alternative investment market knowledge, we have become a predominant force in the collector automobile industry. Make sure you look to them to help find or sell that special car.

One of our oldest sponsors, Auctions America has also announced their plans to support us again in 2017.


As we have each year, we will be providing each participant with a route book with complete turn-by-turn instructions along with accompanying maps. Last year we began experimenting with GPS guidance as well. While we encountered a few bugs, it definitely seemed to provide a trouble free guidance for those that used it, particularly those participants without a navigator. We believe we have worked out most of the bugs we ran into last year and will once again be offering Garmin devices to those that would prefer this method. Those with navigators that are looking for the old rally feel of using the route book will certainly have that opportunity. Anyone wishing to utilize his or her own Garmin device is welcome to do so. We can upload the route to your device at the kickoff meeting on Saturday morning. Your Garmin must be equipped with the Trip Planner app.

Michigan Mille VII - 20120616-DSC_2219_FotorVehicle EligibilityIMG_0041

 The Michigan Mille was originally created for vintage sports and classic cars. Eligibility is open to any car over 25 years old. We have in the past allowed more modern sports/muscle cars to attend and will continue to do so at the discretion of the Founder.


 Participation is limited; we will allow the first 70 people that submit their completed enrollment form. Charter members are excluded from the cutoff. If you are interested in participating, contact us via email and we will be happy to provide you with any additional details you might need along with an enrollment form.




 That about wraps up our plans, as they exist right now. More details will be forthcoming in the weeks and months ahead. In the mean time, feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to continuing to make the Michigan Mille one of the premier events in this country. Your ideas and suggestions about how we can continue to improve our program are always welcome. If you are interested in joining us this year, drop us a note at <michiganmille@gmail.com>





3 thoughts on “2017 Michigan Mille XII

  1. Steve:

    It’s Fred Kalmbach. I was speaking with Jeremy Brown in Auburn Hills this week and he was telling me about this event. My 25 year old son an I would like to participate. We have a 79 Fiat Spider that might not be road worthy in time in which case we would need to use our 97 BMW Z3, if that is allowed. We live north of Cincinnati, so would like to meet up with the group when you get to Dayton if possible. Please let me know what you think.

  2. Steve: This sounds like a great event! We have taken our ’67 Corvette and ’69 Jag XKE on a couple of rallies and are very interested in joining the Michigan Mille in 2017. I’d appreciate your adding me to your distribution list. Thanks!

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