We have been approached by a number of companies expressing a desire to support our program.

Primary Sponsor:

For the past three years we have enjoyed working with LBI Limited as our primary sponsor.  LBI  specializes in the sales, brokerage, and collection management of exceptional collector automobiles. Based in Philadelphia they have recently opened an office in Pontiac, Michigan.




Supporting Sponsors

In addition to LBI, we have enjoyed working with the following companies in the past years:

Auctions America has supported us for a number of years. Now they have been fully integrated into RM Sothebys, we look forward to their continued support.




Golling Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram



Reliable Carriers, Inc







11 thoughts on “Sponsors

  1. Steve,

    great seeing you this weekend in Saugatuck…the Michigan Mille looks like great fun and would love to join up with you on the next run. Thanks.


    • Larry,

      Good to see you as well. I will put you on our distribution list for next years event. I have started the planning and should have the first notice out in early December.


  2. Would like to know if there are any remaining drives in 2014. But more importantly….any idea for 2015 drive? Location, date , etc. Thanks

  3. why not open up the registration with some less stringent car requirements? im not even sure what they are but they seem elitist. can someone elaborate on them becuase i see a number of people asking about newer quality cars joining the fray.

    • Nick,
      Thanks for your comments. Michigan Mille was designed to be a classic/sports car rally for older sports and classic cars. over 25 years old. We are not trying to be elitist, rather we want to support that hobby by providing it with an opportunity to get their vehicles out and drive them with other like minded enthusiasts. There are a lot of other rally organizations that cater to more modern cars, we specifically try to remain close to our design parameters. You might want to look into Mitten Mille which does not seem to have any vehicle restrictions.

      Michigan Mille

  4. How do I get more info about this? I think I am a little to late to do it this year but would love to be a part of it next year. How do I sign up?

    • Chris,
      We have added you to our list of interested participants for our 2016 event. Look for the first communication in the fall. Thanks for your interest.
      Michigan Mille

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