Want to Join Us?

If you are interested taking your vintage sports car on an adventure and want to join us next year for the Michigan Mille VII drop as a line at michiganmille@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “Want to Join Us?

  1. Steve:

    Like to new website. And yet another idea for consideration for the 2012 Mille>

    In addition to the MM crest, include a sticker with the driver and navigator’s names. Better than a name tag so, as the event gets bigger, we can remember everyone’s names.


  2. some one forgot to include me on the list of participant. i was driving a white 1986 Porsche Cab.
    also on another note for the 2012 MM there is vey nice
    place called GRAND RIVER WINERY/restorante its one route 528 exit 212 on East I-90 Lake county, Ohio. Ck it out.

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